Solar Eclipse: Local Viewing Parties

If you take the proper safety precautions, the August 21 partial solar eclipse can be viewed from anywhere in our area, unless it’s cloudy.  Do not look directly at the sun without the proper equipment.  The eclipse begins around 1:30pm, peaks around 2:47pm with about 65% of the sun obscured, and ends around 4:00pm.

If you want to watch with others, or do not have access to the proper equipment, you can join a viewing party.  This list is a work in progress.  Check back for updates.  Click on the links for more information:


Frosty Drew Observatory, Charlestown RI

Solar Eclipse at Seagrave Observatory, North Scituate, RI


Brownell Library, Little Compton, RI

East Providence Public Library,24373

Jesse M. Smith Memorial Library

Pawtucket Public Library

Tiverton Library Services-RI Total Solar Eclipse Viewing Party


Brown University Viewing Party

Buttonwood Park Zoo- New Bedford, Mass

Museum of Natural History, Providence, RI

Ocean House- Viewing is free, but slots needed to be reserved