Some Blacks insist: Don’t call me African-American!

February is Black history month, and while minorities point to President Obama as an example of how far they've come… there is still a divide in the country.

The- “of African-American descent label was supposed to be a mark of progression for blacks-in america -giving them an identity and a,some people of color want no part of it.

the Rev. Jesse Jackson is widely credited with taking African-American mainstream in 1988, before his second presidential run.-Jim Vincent-the president of the NAACP explains how the African-American label became popular saying blacks were not comfortable with being called colored, negro, so like Irish-American or Italian-American, blacks wanted to be called African-Americans. Leon Robertson of Providence resents the term saying even though he is a person of color, he considers himself a Native American.

Others say they have no problem being called African-American. Jim Vincent says There are more important issues like unemployment and education that we should be focused on rather than labels.