Some Westerly Businesses Seeking Compensation After Gas Losses

             All 1,600 homes and businesses have their gas back, after not having it for nearly three days. For some restaurants, those days were critical, losing business on their busiest time of the year. 

             More than 350 National Grid workers went door-to-door on Christmas Eve turning Westerly residents gas back on. Customers had their gas turned off after air got into the line, slowing the flow of gas to customers. National Grid says they are still investigating how the air got into the system, but believe it happened when they were doing work. 

              At least one downtown restaurant owner says National Grid should pay him for the loss he's taken, at not fault of his own. Chris Champage says his sales are down 50 percent the last two days. Champagne says, “currently my focus is getting my service back, then we'll figure out who's at fault, and how we're going to be compensated. 

             National Grid expects to take full responsibility for the problem. Spokesperson Jackie Barry says anyone who's taken a loss from the gas shutoffs should file a claim with their claims department. 

             Barry says all gas was restored early Saturday afternoon.