Some still wait for Christmas Deliveries

Nicole Gerber


TAUNTON – On her front doorstep there should be a handful of Christmas
deliveries… but Taunton resident Shannon Abarca has only one.

The rest have been held up by UPS delays.

“It's very disappointing because then you're scrambling
because you at least want something for everyone to open,” she said.

Shannon is disabled, and does most of her Christmas shopping

All her orders were in by December first, but she still paid
extra for shipping to ensure they arrived on time.

It didn't work.

UPS and FedEx blame the late arrivals on poor weather in
some parts of the country, as well as the large numbers of people shopping
online and placing last–minute orders.

The shipping giants are working to ensure all delayed
packages are delivered by the end of week.

But for Shannon, the moment's passed.

“It's not so much about the gift, it's about being able to
say hey I thought of you and you're empty handed,” she said. “You're getting something but
you have nothing to give back, so you're a little disappointed.”

She says she's seen delivery drivers out late, working
hard… and on our ABC6 Facebook page, one comment from Misty, who
works for UPS in Warwick, says “part time employees loading the trucks are
starting shift at 11pm or 12am working 7–8hr shifts dealing with 100,000+ packages
a day, drivers are working 12+ hrs a day with package cars that are filled from
door to door.”

For Shannon, the efforts are appreciated. But the sentiment remains.

 “You want to make sure that everyone has a smile. Especially
if you really shopped around for something. That you found the perfect thing
for someone and you don't have it to give. It definitely breaks your heart,” she said.

UPS and FedEx have said that there will be some shipping
refunds handed out but Shannon says she hasn't heard anything about that yet
for her purchases.

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