Two Somerset businesses lost to fire

By: News Staff


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SOMERSET, Mass. — A massive fire in a Somerset building has several business owners picking up the pieces. The building, which housed a gun shop, made it difficult for firefighters to subdue and is now deemed a total loss.

ABC6 News spoke to one of the owners and they said they are thankful no one was hurt, but there are also some things they have lost that cannot be replaced.

“It’s all gone.”

In just a matter of hours, two businesses years in the making were reduced to rubble.

Ed Scallon owns Commonwealth Firearms and Training Center and his wife runs the travel agency next door.

Witnesses described the sounds like fireworks, but due to the building structure no one was injured.

Building tenants tell ABC6 they have had issues with the building’s electricity in the past.

The fire marshal is still investigating an exact cause.

As for the Scallon’s, they say they will rebuild.

“This was ours, we wanted to do our best with it, and it shows with our loyal clientele who love us but now we just gotta pick up the pieces and do it again.”

ATF and the building inspector have arrived and they will work in conjunction with the fire marshal and construction crews to demolish what is left of the building but also salvage what they can.

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