Something stinks: Mayor halts company’s operation at landfill

Dee DeQuattro

Johnston Mayor Joseph Polisena announced a cease and desist order upon Broadrock Renewables, LLC, a company that is contracted by Rhode Island Resource Recovery to convert landfill gases into energy.

The mayor is making the decision as a result of ongoing odor complaints in the surrounding area. The order will successfully halts Broadrock Renewables operations at Johnston's Central Landfill.

In the fall of 2011 Rhode Island Resource Recovery was ordered to solve the odor problem. The odor is caused by hydrogen sulfide, a gas with a rotten eggs smell, that is usually burned off into energy but has sometimes collected in the wells and been released into the air.

In December 2011 Polisena filed a lawsuit against Rhode Island Resource Recovery and Broad rock Renewables as a result of the odor.

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