Son charged with killing dad on Thanksgiving

Police said a man in Scituate drove a man to beat his own father to death with a baseball bat, and officers said a panicked 911 call led them to the grisly scene.     

Police told us it's one of the most gruesome situations they've ever scene. 71-year-old Milo Dunbar was killed in his own home by his own son on Thanksgiving day, and the mother saw it all happen.

John Natalizia watched the aftermath of the crime from his home across the street from the Dunbar house.

“The rescue squad took out a body and then I saw them take out someone in handcuffs,” said Natalizia.

Officers said they responded to the home on Mosqansicut Lake Drive after a frantic phone call. At first, police couldn't understand what the woman on the other line was saying. Then her son got on the phone and said his dad was injured.

“She was afraid,” said Scituate Colonel David Randall, “She was very upset, very emotional and it was a tragedy all the way around on several levels.”

It's a tragedy police said started the night before with an argument. “The son lives there so he wasn't happy with the way the son was acting at home,” said Randall, “There just appears to be a disagreement that escalated and for whatever reason he took it upon himself to take dramatic action.”

The next day, police described the scene as chaotic. 27 year old Paul Dunbar struck his father several times with a wooden baseball bat.

“It was rather gruesome, blunt force trauma can cause serious injuries and it was very messy,” said Randall.

And Natalizia can't understand how it happened. He walks with the mother almost every day, and his kids went to school with Paul Dunbar.

“Very respectful kid,” said Natalizia, “No suspicions of him being violent in any way.”

Paul Dunbar was arraigned Friday. He's facing murder charges. Neighbors told us he just moved home from Chicago a few months ago.     

Officers said this is the first murder in Scituate since 1998.