UPDATE: South Kingston stabbing suspect arrested

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South Kingston police have arrested a man following crimes in relation to a stabbing. 

The victim of the stabbing has been identified as 41-year-old Taylor Olsen, of South Kingston. 

In the early morning have January 26, Olsen woke up to find 35-year-old Dennis Thrush, also of South Kingston, inside his home attempting to steal his medical marijuana. 

According to the police, the investigation revealed that Thrush entered Olson’s residence by burrowing a hole in the wall in an adjoining residence. 

An altercation ensued, and Thrush stabbed Olson in the back and sliced his face with an edged weapon. 

Olson was treated for serious injuries at Rhode Island Hospital and has since been released. 

Thrush was taken into custody and treated at South County Hospital for a laceration on his hand and for being subdued with a taser by the police. 

Thrush is being charged with: Disorderly Conduct, Breaking and Entering of Dwelling House when a Resident Home, Assault with a deadly weapon in a dwelling house. 

Thrush was arraigned and is scheduled to be in 4th District court on January 28. 


SOUTH KINGSTON, R.I (WLNE) – South Kingston police are currently investigating a stabbing that sent one person to the hospital early Saturday morning. 

The stabbing occurred at 47 Belmont Street. 

According to the police, there is one person in police custody at this time. The victim was transported to Rhode Island Hospital for serious injuries. 

The investigation is currently ongoing, but it appears to be drug related according to police. 

There is no further information at this time. 

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