Southern New England prepares for first real snow of season

By: Alexandra Cowley

The timing of Tuesday's storm is key. It could be rough for the commute home from school and work. The concern for drivers on the way in, is the black ice.

On Monday, the eve of what's expected to be the first real snow of the season, people were out gearing up with the necessary supplies. Gathering shovels, scrapers, and de–icer.

Robert hebert wanted to make sure his wife's car was ready to drive in the morning. he bought a gallon of Rain-x.

He said, “I put it in the windshield wiper in the car and it usually lasts us for a few days, because when you get that rock salt on the highway, forget about it your in trouble.”

Once the snow starts falling,  it's expected to last until the evening commute, with enough coming down to cause a mess.

That's why LeighAnn Parsons went out to buy a scraper. Parsons said, “when we get a lot of snow we definitely need one of these to scrape the ice off, got to be able to see right?”

Drivers already saw some problems on the road as a result of the wintry mix from Sunday night. Tyler Tierney's dad got in a fender bender on his morning commute.

“My dad actually got hit today driving, he said somebody hit black ice and skidded into him,” Tierney said.

Tierney says his dad's accident was minor, but it definitely got him thinking about how he'll drive the next time he's in a snow storm.

“Just be precautious you know don't drive too fast, if you have to be late for work, just be late,” Tierney said.

When the snow starts falling Tuesday, all the kids should already be in school. If there are early dismissals, you can find the updated info on our website just go to

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