Southern New England Preps for Winter Storm

by ABC6 Reporter Mark Curtis

Skies were sunny on New Year's Day in Rhode Island, but looks can be deceiving.

With a winter storm threatening, people were out in droves stocking up on food and other supplies.

“Well I got some bread, I got some milk and some bottled water. I think we're all ready to go,” said Dave Cardell, of West Greenwich.

“I have candles if the power goes off. I'm all set,” said Eileen Petrarca of Warwick.

Despite the fact that it was a holiday, some stores were open, doing a brisk business.

ABC6 Reporter Mark Curtis said, “As the storm draws near, crews at the DOT Midstate facility will be getting trucks ready to pre–treat, and then later plow the roads.”

Piles of sand are ready, along with buildings full of salt, to fill the trucks.

Many people are also taking precautions, grabbing ice melt and making sure they have enough shovels.

“Well I am still amazed at when people buy snow shovels. You know I don't know if they throw them away after each storm. I don't know, it just seems they are buying shovels and ice melts,” said Jeff Salk of Salk's Ace Hardware in North Kingstown and Warwick.

Storm preps in New England are big business and it seems no one wants to be un–prepared.