Southern New England Staycations: Beavertail State Park

JAMESTOWN, R.I. (WLNE) — Whether it’s a brisk hike on land, meeting the creatures that live underwater, or checking out some sweet views up in the air, Beavertail State Park has it all. 

“I think just in such a small area, we offer so many opportunities,” said Rhode Island State Parks Associate Administrator Jennifer Ogren. 

There’s plenty to check out on foot–from a light hike on the park’s trails to a rugged journey along the rocky water’s edge.

“Great tide pools and access to the water where you can see some incredible rocks that you won’t find anywhere else in the state,” said Ogren.

The park–smack in the middle of Narragansett Bay–showcases much of the Bay’s marine life, with its very own aquarium.

“This is what you would see if you went diving or went snorkeling out in the bay anywhere around here,” said naturalist Emily Shellgamage.

From common fish to crustaceans, even a baby shark, Shellgamage hopes to educate visitors on the variety of species that call these waters home. 

“If you don’t know what’s in the water, then you can’t be inspired to protect what’s in the water,” said Shellgamage.

From biology to history, just steps away from the aquarium is Beavertail Lighthouse, which dates back to 1749.

“It was the third oldest lighthouse in the United States, and the first lighthouse in Rhode Island,” said Varoujan Karentz, a board member of the Beavertail Lighthouse Assocation. 

Inside you can see the evolution of the lights and sound signals used here, even learn what it was like to be a lighthouse keeper. On certain days, you can even climb up in the tower to get a bird’s eye view of the peninsula. 

“The beauty of it is the fact that there’s water on three sides,” said Karentz. “It’s always been said that other than the coast of Maine, this is the best place if you want to see rocks, clouds, surf water-all come together in one place.”

It’s that striking scenery so close to home that attracts Katie Garvin and her kids. 

“It’s simple and its fun and it’s easy and it’s a 15 minute drive from home,” said Garvin.

The family decided to take advantage of a blustery day to fly some kites.

“We just love this whole area. There’s so much you can do here,” said Garvin. “There’s indoor options, there’s outdoor options. But really you just have to look around. It’s just so beautiful.”

Of course that natural beauty can be found not just at Beavertail, but in any one of Rhode Island’s state parks. 

“We’re able to showcase everything our state has to offer. I think it shows tourists how amazing our state is. I think it also gives our residents an opportunity to show how amazing our state is,” said Ogren. 

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