Southern New Englanders Embrace Season’s First Snow Storm

For some, the winter snow meant the wait was finally over.

“My family skis a lot and we had to cancel a couple of trips because there wasn't any snow,” 12-year-old Chloe Hedrick said.

Now that there is plenty of snow, Hedrick and dozens of other kids could not even wait for it to stop falling before grabbing their sleds and hitting the hill in Barrington.

“Yeah it's pretty brisk” Patrick Halpin, a sledding parent, said. “But it's been kind of a dry winter so we figured we would take the kids out and just take advantage of it.”

However, the flakes do not mean fun for everyone, especially those who have to work to plow it.

“I'm just trying to open up the roads for the residents of Barrington,” Charles Rapoza, a snow plow driver said. “I wish it didn't come this season, but that's New England weather for you! You never know!”

What the plows cannot get to, residents spend shoveling out.

“I shovel as it's coming down so I don't kill my back and so my customers don't slip,” Kenneth Travassos said.

Travassos spent the afternoon clearing the sidewalk outside his barber shop in East Providence. He is happy if he sees a customer, but he is not so happy to see the snow.

“It's expensive, it's time consuming and it's cold!”