Sox Fans React to Wake’s Retirement

After 17 years with the Red Sox, 45-year-old Tim Wakefield announced his retirement at the team's Spring Training facility, in Fort Myers on Friday.

Back here in New England fans remembered #49 as a gritty player.

Wakefield's unique delivery on the field and genuine nice guy persona off it, will make him hard to forget.   

“You look at it in terms of wins and record and what he's done for us, being such a vital part of the organization, it's a little bittersweet.” said Sox fan Jay Belanger.

11-year old Alex Boyer's first Red Sox game with his dad, Scott, was one that neither of them will ever forget.

And both will always remember the man, who was on the mound, pitching in front of the Green Monster.

“His very first game, that we went to when he was 4-years old, Wakefield was pitching. So his first game, my first game with my son at Fenway was with Wake pitching.” said Alex's Dad, Scott Boyer.

While Wake's pitching style was sometimes enough to make even the most diehard Sox fan cringe, and some to question his delivery.

No-one could ever question his heart.

“It didn't matter to him, he just really went about his business and I think that Red Sox nation really appreciates players like that.” said Sox fan Jay Belanger.

Wakefield finishes his career with 186- victories as a member of the Red Sox, just 6-wins shy of the Red Sox team record.

He's currently third on the team's all-time wins list, behind only Roger Clemens and Cy Young.