Speaker Mattiello wins District 15 seat, Frias won’t concede

By: Samantha Fenlon


Un-official election result numbers place House Speaker Nick Mattiello as the winner of the hotly contested District 15 seat by 65 votes.

The results coming in at the Board of Elections Thursday after hours were spent going through mail in ballots. Mattiello’s opponent, Steven Frias, not conceding vowing to fight the results.

The Speaker held a caucus in Cranston less than an hour after those results came in. He was re-elected unanimously as Speaker during that meeting.

"From the bottom of my heart I want to thank the citizens of District 15 for their support sending me back for 2 years," said Speaker Mattiello.

The un-official results coming just two days after initial numbers placed the Speaker behind opponent Steven Frias by 147 votes.

Even though he was behind on election day, the Speaker gave a victory speech telling supporters he was certain he had the numbers in absentee ballots to win. Frias quickly raised a red flag entering a formal complaint with the Board of Elections on Thursday.

"I was ahead 147 now I’m down 65 but like I said I knew there were issues with the mail ballots that’s why we filed a complaint today with the board of elections. I hope the board of elections takes it up and refers it to the state police as well. I think there were some issues with the mail ballots in my race," said Frias.

Frias also says he will call for a re-count. Speaker Mattiello telling us he’s not worried.

"Let me not speak specifically of Mr. Frias. It was a nasty electoral process from the presidency on down. I’m just glad it’s behind us. It’s behind us. If he feels as though that’s important to him he should do it. It’s not going to go anywhere there’s no merit to it," said Mattiello.

Mattiello tapped Rep Joe Shekarchi as majority leader. He too was elected into that role unanimously.

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