Spectators lined up early for the Bristol Fourth of July parade

By Abbey Niezgoda



The streets of Bristol were “lined” in red, white and blue for the 2-hundred-27th Fourth of July parade.

More than one-hundred thousand people packed the 2-and-a half mile route, along “hope” street.

ABC 6 reporter Abbey Niezgoda gives us a first hand look at  this year's parade highlights.

The wet weather to start wasn't enough to rain on the Bristol Fourth of July parade.

In fact folks started lining up here as early as 5am to get a front row seat to this historic celebration.

“I was here at 20 after 4 this morning,” says one parade goer.

“We got here at about 6:30 this morning and it was raining,” says another.

Early wake up calls don't matter when this is what you've been waiting all year for.

You can't stop that bubbling up that happens when you wake up the morning of the Fourth of July.

There's been 2 hundred and 27 of these mornings in Bristol making their parade the oldest Fourth of July celebration in the country.

“They're really fun and sometimes long but they have lots of floats,” says Ali Souza.

And just in time for those floats to start rolling down this line, the puddles dried up and the sunglasses came on.

“Every time I cross this line I cry because it just means so much to me.”

The grand marshall waved and the Carolina Crown played.

Miss Fourth of July made her way followed by Rhode Island's first ever Miss USA.

Marching bands and familiar faces from ABC 6.

The crowd cheered the whole way through.

But it got a little louder every time service men or women passed by, the real reason to celebrate the Fourth of July.