Sports teams feel ripple effect from Providence bus strike

With the first day of the Providence school bus drivers strike in the books, families are already feeling the ripple effect at all age levels, including sports teams at high schools.

Central High School girls soccer played a game on the road at Mt. Pleasant Thursday afternoon but it was anything but pleasant to get there.

Since there were no school buses to take the girls together to the game, as is standard, the players and their families had to do a bit of scrambling to figure out how they were going to make it to the match.

Some players like Katherine Alvarez was able to catch a ride with her mother, Miriam Umanzor.

“I had to pick her up from school and bring her over here,” said Umanzor.

“They called us down to the office and had to explain to us how we were going to get [to the game] and they were helping us last minute,” Alvarez said.

But other players could not catch a ride so several members of the team had to ride a RIPTA bus to make it to the match.

Meanwhile on the picket line, union leaders called the situation unfortunate but assured families they were struggling too.

“This is not where we want to be. This is our community too,” said Nicholas Williams, business agent for Teamsters Local 251. “We’re dealing with an international conglomerate that flies people in from Cincinnati to negotiate. They don’t care about this community.”

When asked what  families that are struggling should do in the meantime, Williams told the to give First Student a call.