Spotty showers Thursday evening, watching Henri for Sunday/Monday

THURSDAY NIGHT: Spotty evening showers, clouds and patchy fog, warm and muggy.

FRIDAY-SATURDAY: Clouds and a little sun, warm and humid.

SUNDAY-MONDAY: Watching Henri as it approaches our area.  There is still some uncertainty as to the exact path the storm takes.  Many forecast models take the center of the storm just southeast of our area, with some impacts in the form of rain & wind.  However, a more direct impact is not off the table just yet.  Prepare now for power outages and storm damage, rather than putting it off.  Better to have supplies on hand, like batteries and non-perishable food, and end up not needing them; rather than need them and not have them.  Stay with ABC6 for updates on the forecast.

TUESDAY-THURSDAY: Mix of sun and clouds, warm and still muggy.

Tim Studebaker, StormTracker Meteorologist

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