Spring Lake Beach Reopens

By Dana Griffin


Spring Lake Beach has reopened, three days after nearly 100 people got sick after swimming on July 4th. At one point, 16 people had to be hospitalized.

“Sunday when we got the news it was kind of like a shocker for us because we've never had anything like this happen here before,” said beach manager, Cheri Hall.

Around noon, only about a dozen people were out. Those who swam in the water say they're not worried.

Jason Malo said, “Everywhere there's gonna be germs. You can't live your life in fear about things that you can't control. Large crowds may deter some people but it won't stop us from coming.”

“I think that it's all good; you know things happen. They say it was a very isolated incident so we're pretty confident,” said Andrea Kearsley.

The staff is being extra careful, making sure the babies in the water are wearing diapers. The bacteria that caused people to get sick, may have come from an infant.

Professional cleaners have sterilized different areas that may have been touched.

“We just tried to cover everything you know; make sure this doesn't happen again,” said Hall.

Water tests have come back clean and free of any type of contamination.