St. Patrick’s Day in Newport

By Dana Griffin


NEWPORT, RI- Hundreds have filled Newport's, Thames Street in honor of St. Patrick's Day, and there's a strong police presence there tonight.

We found one guy with a broken finger. One man was being arrested by police.

Although some may not have had the luck of the Irish on their side tonight, others are having a great time roaming the streets decked out in all green.

Many will remain here past midnight, most of them college students.

UMass Student, Nicholas Babot said, “We haven't had any real problems with the cops because we're all trying to get here and celebrate the weekend together because it's St. Patty's day. We're Irish, why wouldn't we?”

Although crowds in previous years have been known to be rambunctious some have no worries about the crowds.

“There's plenty of cops out here so I really don't have to feel like I'm unsafe. The parade was great. Crowd's awesome. I haven't seen a parade like this in a long time and I'm excited to come back next year,” said Patricia Barbosa.

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