Staff member at Brickley’s Ice Cream tests positive for COVID-19

Brickley's Ice Cream Nick
NARRAGANSETT, R.I. (WLNE) – Brickley’s Ice Cream announced in a Facebook post Saturday that the ice cream shop will be closed this weekend, with plans to reopen on Tuesday, August 25 after learning a staff member tested positive for COVID-19.
According to the post, a staff member who last worked on Monday, August 16 tested positive for the virus before heading back to college. The staff member is not experiencing any symptoms.
Brickley's Covid
Management made the executive decision to close while current staff members are tested and awaiting test results. In addition, cleaning and sanitizing will take place both inside the store and of the outdoor service area.
The post read in part, “I can assure you we have all been vigilant about wearing masks and sanitizing our hands between orders. We have taken all the steps possible to maintain a safe environment for both our staff and customers. Keeping all orders and delivery outdoors has been a priority as all indications from the medical professionals indicate this is the safest way to do business.”
More information will be provided as it becomes available.
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