Stanley’s Famous Burgers may close next month due to pandemic

CENTRAL FALLS, R.I. (WLNE): A Rhode Island landmark restaurant—Stanley’s Famous Hamburgers—may be closing because of new COVID dining restrictions.

They’ve been serving customers for nearly 90 years, but now with the pandemic and new rules barring indoor dining until at least Nov. 30 in Central Falls, they’re asking for help from the community

“It’s been very difficult,” owner Louis Augusta said.

According to Augusta, he may be shutting down Stanley’s by Dec. 31.

“When we started to do dine-in in June, people were getting used to it, they were excited, they could come back in, and then we had this shut down again in November, and people were like, ‘ah,’ they don’t like to do take-out,” Augusta said.

Even if they like dining in again, Augusta said, he can only allow up to 33 percent capacity after the November shutdown.

“That’s only about 12 people in this dining room. That’s really nothing,” Augusta said.

But, saving his business means everything to Augusta. So, he said, he applied for grant money from the state.

“They keep saying, ‘oh, yeah, the applications, we’re running through them, we’re going through as fast as we can, but we don’t know what’s taking so long,’” Augusta said.

For Augusta and his employees, he said time is running out, and they’re now turning to their loyal customers.

“It makes us feel horrible. Horrible. We just need some help right now,” Augusta said.  “We are asking everybody if they could donate, just a little bit, even if it’s a dollar, $2, $5.”

Anyone interested in donating can click here.

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