Star power attached to Vinny Paz movie

Photo submitted by Verdi Productions

By: Melissa Randall

The stars are aligning for the Vinny Paz movie, 'Bleed for This.' East Greenwich based Verdi Productions announced Monday that two Hollywood heavyweights have joined the cast.

Actor Miles Teller will play the 5X World Champ on the silver screen. Teller, 26, is currently showcased in the movie 'That Awkward Moment'.

“Scorsese says he's the next [Leonardo] DiCaprio,” said producer Chad Verdi.

Oscar winning director Martin Scorsese hand picked Teller and actor Aaron Eckhart for the leads. Eckhart, known for his roles in 'The Dark Knight' and new 'I, Frankenstein' movie, will play Paz's trainer, Kevin Rooney.

“That's a huge roll. I loved Kevin. Kevin was my buddy,” said Vinny Paz.

The $10 to $20 million dollar film will take viewers through Paz's journey as he works to return to the boxing ring after a near fatal car accident that broke his neck.

Local movie goers will likely recognize many of the places in the film as it will primarily be shot in Little Rhody.

“They were going to push this to possibly Boston, but we
fought to have it here and it's very important that it is here,” said Verdi.

As for a timeline producers are looking to start filming this summer, wrap by the end of the year and have a 2015 release date.

“My life was crazy before. It's going to be 3 times nuttier than
ever,” said Paz.

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