State and Local Officials Speak Out Against Charter School

Using the back drop of the now closed West Broadway Elementary School, critics of the new mayoral academy for Providence, say it is a prime example of a Providence Public School being left behind by poor funding. Senator Paul V. Jabour says, “the children of this district have been mistreated, they have been coggled all over the city for their education, and its time for them to stay here in their neighborhood and get educated close to home.”

A major concern is the state's funding for public schools being used towards this academy. Councilman, Bryan Principie, whose daughter attended West Broadway when it was opened, isn't against charter schools in general, but has a problem with this plan that Achievement First is proposing. Now, calling into question the track record of existing Achievement First Schools, saying, “there are people that I have spoken with, who are current and former parents and administrators from Achievement First schools who are interested in having their voice heard too, and I think that's very important to have that first hand aspect of what we can expect if this school were to set up shop in Providence.”

At the meeting today there were also proponents for the Achievement First School coming to Providence, saying it's another option for parents. David Talan supports the school, “Achievement First along with the other four traditional charter schools in Providence, gives those parents an alternative that they would choose to send their child to what they consider to be a better school.”