State beaches packed for annual Governor’s Bay Day

By: Chloe Leshner


Governor Raimondo hit the beach in Narragansett today, taking part in the annual Bay Day.

It really was the perfect beach day toady, for many families, made even better with free parking at all state beaches thanks to the Governor’s Bay Day.

The line of beach chairs, umbrellas and towels seems to stretch miles, barely any room left on the sand. In the parking lot, only a few spots open, as thousands take advantage of free entry at state beaches.

"Free beach day, there’s nothing better than a free beach day," says Alexandria Sanbento of North Providence.

"We would come everyday but it would add up so it definitely helps," says Dana Earl of Wakefield.

"That’s what gave us a swift kick in the you know what," says Ousama Fayek of Easton, Connecticut.

The perks are all part of the 29th annual Governor’s Bay Day.

"I want everybody to be able to come to the beach, to learn how to swim, to have the thrill of picking up a beautiful seashell so we’re trying every year to make it more and more affordable," says Governor Gina Raimondo.

Governor Raimondo hit the sand, waving to fellow beach goers, giving high fives and even judging a sandcastle building contest. Parks officials organizing several activities for kids for the occasion.

"It’s more things to keep her occupied, so she doesn’t get bored of something quite as quickly and we can move on to something else and keep it fun," says Earl.

After a stretch of unseasonably cool weather, today likely would’ve been a money maker for the state. But we’re told it all evens out.

"The loss we take isn’t so extreme that we have tow worry about it, but it gives people the idea of coming out to the beach, seeing what we have to offer and enjoying themselves for the day. So it’s a good return for us," says Chief of Rhode Island State Parks Robert Paquette.

State parks officials say Bay Day is one of the busiest beach days of the summer.

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