State expected to rest case in Gonzalez murder trial

The state is expected wrap up its case against murder suspect Tony Gonzalez in court on Thursday.

Prosecutors have maintained that 26-year-old Tony Gonzalez went to his ex-girlfriend; Patricia Delomba's, home on Jan 21 2012 to kill her new boyfriend Matthew Chivers but instead killed 23-year-old Carl Cunningham Jr.

Cunningham Jr. was shot seven times according to the medical examiner.

On Wednesday the prosecution was met by a setback when a forensics expert who studied the bullets at the scene reveled on cross examination that there is no solid evidence that the bullets were in fact fired from the same gun. He did note that the bullets were all 9mm bullets and Gonzalez was said to have owned a 9mm gun.

The gun used in the crime was never recovered neither was a gun that was allegedly owned by Gonzalez.

On Wednesday Michael Noff ,a friend of Gonzalez, testified that he had given Gonzalez a ride to West Warwick on the night of the murder but said he assumed it was to deliver marijuana. He said afterward the two went to Snookers for drinks then he brought Gonzalez home.