State extends contract with Deloitte, company responsible for UHIP debacle

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — Despite problem after problem, the Governor announced today she’s re-upping the state’s contract with the company responsible for the disastrous UHIP rollout.

Governor Raimondo admits ditching Deloitte would feel good after hundreds of thousands of Rhode Islanders in need were left with horror stories from the roll out. Instead, the state is extending the contract, but it took a lot of compromise to make it happen.

Rhode Islanders won’t soon forget the UHIP debacle.

“Many, many, many mistakes,” says Governor Gina Raimondo.

Deloitte, the company responsible for the mess, has been under intense scrutiny since 2016. Today, Governor Raimondo announcing the company has a new deal with the state that includes a $50 million cash payment back to the general fund, as well as other financial concessions.

“Where we are now is $200 million back to the people of Rhode Island, a functioning system and iron clad commitments from Deloitte to continue to support the system and continue to deliver a high level of service,” says Raimondo.

With the poor track record of Deloitte not only in Rhode Island but other states as well, an obvious question why keep them any longer?

“Everyday my department transmits money to people’s EBT cards so they can buy food. It might sound great to say get them out of here and say we’re going to bring someone else in, that puts the ability for us to be able to do that at risk,” says Courtney Hawkins, the director of the Department of Human Services.

Despite being the smallest state in the country, it has one of the most complex I.T. systems with 16 departments rolled into 1 site.

“I made all of these decisions based upon what was right for Rhode Island, not what was right for me or my politics, eating your own words falls into that,” says the governor.

All of this still needs to get federal approval. If it does, Rhode Island will be tied to Deloitte until at least June 2021.

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