R. I State Lawmakers Want to Raise Minimum Wage

Some state lawmakers are pushing to raise the minimum wage in Rhode island from seven-forty an hour to seven-seventy-five.

It would be the first increase since 2007.

For people like Johnson and Wales freshman Julie Snaar, who are struggling to make ends meet, an increase would be greatly appreciated. She says” it's tough to make ends meet, especially in college working, and going to school trying to pay rent, trying to pay student loans”

Marc Gillson ,owner of MT Pleasant hardware says, a minimum wage increase would be good for employees,but for employers,that's another story.He says”,as a business owner it would be a struggle, and it probably will be a struggle if you have to increase your payroll in any way” State Rep Doreen Costa says, she would normally be against an increase in the minimum wage, she says, it would give Rhode island's economy a much needed boost. The minimum wage increase will be taken up, when the general assembly meets next week.