Homelessness advocates prep for 2nd night sleeping in tents outside RI State House

Advocates say they will not leave until a plan to get everyone off the street is in place.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE)- Homelessness advocates in the Ocean State are preparing for their second night sleeping in tents outside the Rhode Island State House- all in an effort to bring attention to the homeless issue in the state.

An advocate tells ABC6 seven people slept there overnight, but dozens were there Tuesday night rallying together.

Ana Deluca-Mayne, a participant, says the plan is to not leave until the crisis is solved.

“Today is December first and it’s just been long enough and we haven’t seen these people put into housing,” Deluca- Mayne says.

Senator Cynthia Mendes, who is also running for Lieutenant Governor alongside Matt Brown, was also seen with the demonstrators Tuesday night.

AJ Braverman, Deputy Campaign Manager for Brown and Mendes shared with our reporters that “Mendes plans to be outside the State House for days, or even weeks, as long as she needs to be there.”

According to Crossroads Rhode Island, every year in the Ocean State about 4,000 people- including children- experience homelessness. According to the organization, that number has increased 52% after the pandemic.

A protestor on the scene and Senator Mendes both explained to ABC6 News Crews that the police told them that staying outside the State House does not violate any general law or ordinance, so no arrests are expected at this time.

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