State Officials Tour Rocky Point

Most Rhode Islanders have fond memories of the time the spent at Rocky Point. After nearly fifteen years being shut-down, the land where the amusement park once stood is desolate and run-down. But now, it seems as though Rocky Point may be getting a second chance.

Today, state officials including Senator Reed, Senator Whitehouse, Mayor of Warwick, Scott Avedisian, and Department of Environmental Management Director, Janet Coit, toured the area of land and discussed plans for the future.

In total there are about 120 acres of land in Warwick where Rocky Point was located. 41 acres of shoreline were opened to the public this past summer. Now the city and state are looking to acquire the remaining 82 acres. The voters of Warwick approved a ten million dollar bond to purchase the park last year. Now, city and state officials are waiting on an appraisal so the process can begin to purchase the land. The appraisal is expected within the next 30 days.

Senator Whitehouse says, “if the appraisal comes in, within the amount of funding that the bond issued and the tax lean that Warwick has on the property comprised, then I think there is grounds for optimism in that the deal can be accomplished quickly.”

Mayor Avedisian is looking forward to the public utilizing the land, “with the additional 82 acres, then we really can start talking about how we can have a real amenity on this side of the bay for people to enjoy.”