State Police Honor Duo, Who Helped Save One of Their Own

With 9-broken bones in his back, Rhode Island State Trooper John Elliot walked across the stage, to thank the man whose quick thinking helped saved his life.

“There's no question, undeniable that John Elliot's alive because of that man.” said Rhode Island State Police Superintendent, Colonel Steven O'Donnell.

That man is New Hampshire trucker Dwayne Baker. Back in February, he used his truck to shield Trooper Elliot, who was unconscious, after he was ejected from his cruiser along 95.

“I just shielded him from traffic and got out and did what I thought I should do.” said Dwayne Baker.

Baker was reluctant to accept any credit for his actions, but Colonel O'Donnell insisted that he show up to receive not only recognition, but also the Colonel Everitte St. John Chafee Award, for his actions.

“He wanted no notoriety. He's struggling with being here, we thought it was very important that he came and we pay respect.” said Col. O'Donnell.

For Baker, the best part of the night wasn't the applause or recognition, it was being able to see the man he helped save, and give him a handshake and a hug.

“That was probably more rewarding than anything else was, to actually see him walking and in good spirits.” said Baker.

Also cited for her efforts to assist Trooper Elliot was Beverly Corrente of Exeter. She stopped her car and helped keep Trooper Elliot awake, before rescue crews arrived.