State Police investigating underage drinking party at Gov. Chafee’s house

We just received the State Police report on an incident that happened on May 28 at the Chafee family compound in Exeter.

It is one of a number of homes the Chafee's own in Rhode Island.

According to Rhode Island State Police Caleb Chafee, seen here in court earlier this year, hosted a graduation party at his family's Exeter compound on may 28th.

His parents were “not” there.

A teenage girl was drunk and became sick at the party, and was asked to leave.

State Police later found the girl, in a friend's car, on highway 102.

She was so intoxicated an ambulance took her to Kent hospital in Warwick.

So far the Governor has not commented on the latest incident.

You'll recall Caleb Chafee was charged with being underage and trying to by liquor in Jamestown earlier this year.

When State Police went to the home in Warwick where there Chafee's actually live, a lawyer instructed Caleb Chafee to invoke the 5th Amendment and not talk to police.

We've also learned from the report that the teenage son of U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse was also at this party.