State Police Raid Embattled Sports Institute

Dramatic action was taken in the ever growing scandal at the Institute for International Sport as Rhode Island state police investigators raided the Institute's offices on the URI campus.

ABC6 News was the only TV station with a crew on scene on Wednesday as investigators took out box, after box, filled with records.

There were were so many boxes taken out to waiting cars that investigators had to take multiple trips inside the Institute's offices to collect it all.

Taking boxes full of documents, at least one computer, and all the evidence, that they could get their hands on, as they try to follow the money.

“Members of the state police financial crimes unit and computer crimes unit, executed a search warrant at the sports institute.” said State Police Superintendent Col. Steven O'Donnell.

The raid comes just days after the Attorney General's office asked the University of Rhode Island, to stop its own investigation into the school's relationship with the Institute, so that state police investigators could take over.

“There's a dozen detectives in the state police that are all over this, they've been all over it, almost a week before it made it to the media.” said O'Donnell.

And as the investigation continues, the state police believe that the evidence seized Wednesday afternoon, will help keep investigators on the right track.

“We have a pretty good handle on what transpired down there and we're just going to pursue it.” said O'Donnell.

ABC6 News talked to Beth Bailey, spokesperson for the Institue.

She said that they weren't commenting about the specifics of the raid, but Bailey stressed that the Institute is cooperating with the state police investigation.