State Police respond to terrorist threats

Olivia Cianci

Although there are no immediate threats to Rhode
Island, additional troopers and resources are being deployed to
monitor public transportation and major events in Rhode
Island after a week of terrorist threats originating in the Arabian Peninsula.

Colonel Steven G. O'Donnell, superintendent of the Rhode
Island State Police, says, “We take all threats seriously.” Rhode Island State
Police are currently working with federal, state, and local authorities to
monitor any suspicious activity.

Rhode Islanders are being asked to report any suspicious activity.
You can report it to 9-1-1, or the Rhode Island State Fusion Center which is
managed by the State Police and federal, state and local homeland security personnel,
at (401) 444-1117, or toll free at 1 (866) 490-TIPS (8477). People are also
being encouraged to read the “Eight Signs of Terrorism” which can be found at