State Representative’s tire slashed

 By: Liz Tufts

One state representative, seeking another term in office, is convinced she’s being targeted.

With just weeks to go before the November election, Doreen Costa usually dedicates most of her time doing last minute door knocks, hoping to round up more votes. But instead, she’s dealing with this. “I got out of a car and I noticed I had a flat tire, “ says Costa.

Thursday night she was just a few miles away from her home, attending an event about wind turbines and energy. She parked her car along a rural road, along with dozens of other cars.

But when she came out, she noticed something wasn’t right. “I pulled up a little bit in the light and that’s when we realized the tire was flat and guys said it looks like someone slashed your tires, “ says Costa.

She says it’s no coincidence. “This is the second time my car has been vandalized during a political year close to the election, “ adds Costa.

Costa who represents district 31, is seeking another term in office.

She’s facing off against Democrat Julie Casimiro

While she’s not putting the blame on her opponent, she does believe someone definitely has a beef with her.

She’s filed a police report and is now replacing the tire , but she say it’s just a minor set back. “It actually motivates me it motivates me to work harder and get out there and knock on more doors and win this election. They didn’t scare me off in 2010 and they’re not going to do it in 2014, “  adds Costa.