State says chemicals found in drinking water in Burrillville

By: The Associated Press


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BURRILLVILLE, R.I. (AP) — Health officials are urging residents in a section of Burrillville, Rhode Island, to take precautions after chemicals were detected in their drinking water.

The chemicals, called perfluorinated chemicals, have been linked to cancer and other illnesses but currently aren’t federally regulated in drinking water.

The state said Monday tests of the Oakland Association water system in part of Burrillville revealed a “slightly elevated level.”

The water system is telling customers not to boil water since that concentrates these chemicals, and to use bottled water or other licensed drinking water for now.

It serves about 175 people. Nearby well owners were told how to get their water tested.

The state is holding a community meeting Tuesday at the Burrillville Police Department.

It partnered with Brown University to check small water systems.  

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