State Sen. Tiara Mack responds to provocative TikTok

Sen. Tiara Mack speaks exclusively with ABC 6 News

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — State Sen. Tiara Mack is facing national backlash for a controversial TikTok posted from her account over the holiday weekend.

The video shows her in a bikini, twerking while in a head stand.

Mack has represented Senate District 6 for the last two years at the State House. She is up for re-election in September.

“These are folks who don’t care about policy,” said Mack about those upset about the video. “They care about attacking a young, energetic person who is filled with joy, and undeterred by their hate.”

Gov. Dan McKee explained he was unaware of the video Tuesday, asking, “What was the term you used, twerking? I don’t even know what that means.”

Mack told ABC 6 News Tuesday that most of the backlash is coming from opponents and conservatives.

“I don’t think anyone in my community would see me enjoying my day off as anything other than their state senator enjoying their free time — after working hard for two years in session,” she explained.

Rhode Islanders in District 6 were split on the video.

“They shouldn’t be restricted just because of the position they might hold,” said Jessica, a Providence resident. “It’s 2022. So, I’m OK with it. She’s not doing anything that people haven’t already seen on TikTok.”

Another exclaimed, “Oh, my God. That’s ridiculous. I mean, really? Who wants to have our Senator doing stuff like this?”

Mack said she is unconcerned how this may affect September elections, as her constituents voted her in to break the mold of a stereotypical politician.

“I was elected saying the ‘F-word’ as an unapologetically queer woman. This is the same person that was elected in 2020 who is going to lead with empathy, compassion, love, and silliness,” concluded Mack.

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