Station Fire Memorial Park Coming Soon

Photo: Station Fire Memorial Foundation

 By Dana Griffin

WARWICK, RI- A permanent memorial park honoring those killed in the Station nightclub fire will soon be built. Families are now being asked to remove any items that sit on the property.

Crosses, pictures, and teddy bears have been on the property for a decade. Today some are taking only a few items, leaving the rest to be a part of the new memorial park, slated for construction in a few weeks.

“I think that the foundation is doing it exactly the right way. They are showing honor, and respect to memorabilia and artifacts that are here,” said Dave Kane.

Kane's son was the youngest person who passed away that night. He says this tragedy has taught him to appreciate his family more.

Kane adds, “Children shouldn't pass before their parents, but they do and maybe it teaches us that to take more time with our children.”

So to honor the sons, best friends, and parents who were involved in this night club fire, the Station Fire Memorial Foundation is building a more permanent place to honor them.

17 different unions through Build Rhode Island have offered services to help construct the park.

The Station Fire Memorial Foundation is selling personalized bricks that will become a part of the commemorative walkway within that park.

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