Stop For School Buses, or Pay

              Drivers across Massachusetts are being put on notice, stop for school buses,or face the consequences. It's part of a statewide crackdown on drivers who ignore the laws.

              According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 21 children are injured or killed each year while getting on or off the bus.  A number that has police departments slapping pricey fines on drivers who decide to pass a stopped school bus.

              Wareham police department is one of 125 departments in Massachusetts taking part in “Operation Yellow Blitz.”  

              Lt. Kevin Walsh says, “they're going to get off the buses, they may not be paying full attention to the traffic and it's up to us as adults and responsible drivers to watch for their safety and for ours.”

               If you don't stop for a school bus you could end up paying at least a 200 dollar fine. Repeat offenders could lose their license on top of a 2,000 dollar fine. As for Wareham, officers didn't give out any tickets today, just three verbal warnings.