Stopping holiday package theft: Doorbell cameras could be the answer

DARTMOUTH, M.A. (WLNE) — With more people expected to do their holiday shopping online this year, local police are warning about package theft.

The Dartmouth Police Department says the best and easiest way to stop or track package thieves is by having a home surveillance system.

Doorbell cameras like Ring or Nest start around $60, and police say they are helpful in not only steering thieves away from your doorstep, but also in helping find them if they decide to swipe your packages.

“That’s the first thing we check for at pretty much every crime scene now,” said Det. Kyle Costa with Dartmouth Police, “whether it be a package theft or an assault and battery.”

Doorbell cameras provide recorded video proof of incidents, that can be easily shared online or on social media which also helps.

“Crowd sourcing is by far the greatest tool we have in law enforcement,” said Costa. “We have about a 90-95% success rate in identifying individuals that otherwise we wouldn’t have known who they are.”

Police also advise shoppers to sign up for text or email alerts, so you are notified the minute your package is delivered.

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