Storm Bombogenesis Friday

Bombogenesis is a word meteorologists use when talking about some strong storms. It sounds quite sinister, but for a storm to “bomb out”, it actually means it fits a specific set of criteria.

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We use the measure of millibars for air pressure. When an intensifying storm drops 24 millibars or more in 24 hours, then it’s officially gone through bombogenesis. This happens when a cold airmass and a warm airmass collide making this rapid intensification and pressure falling. The process is bombogenesis and the storm is called a BOMB CYCLONE.

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Bombogenesis is expected with Friday’s upcoming storm as very warm air will stream into New England, driving temperatures into record high territory. Interacting with this unseasonably warm airmass will be an arctic cold front, setting up the large temperature gradient and setting off the bombogenesis process. We are indeed expecting damaging winds on the order of 50-60+mph and locally heavy rain measured in inches. There is even a chance of thunderstorms!

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