Storms Bring Damage, Power Outages to Southern New England

By: Tim Studebaker

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WARWICK, R.I. – A car was smashed, a road was blocked, and a yard was littered with debris Wednesday, after a powerful thunderstorm brought down a tree on Heights Avenue in Warwick.  The homeowner said she was just about to get inside the car when the tree went down, landing on the car and some power lines across the street.  Fire crews on scene said no one was hurt, and they aren’t sure whether it was lightning or wind that brought the tree down.

It was a similar scene across town on Major Potter Road, where a tree knocked down an entire power pole.  The storms left several communities without power, some for hours.  That forced one school in North Kingstown to close early.

West Bay Christian Academy Headmaster Ken Amador says, “We heard a loud boom, and the lights flickered, and the lights – all the power went off.  It was off for approximately about an hour or so.”

The school canceled classes after a lightning strike took out their power.

Amador says, “As far as I know, I talked to several teachers who have been here for 10, 20 years.  This has never happened before.”

The darkness caused a disruption in the school day, but the early dismissal went smoothly.

Amador says, “We did have some parents that were concerned – why – because the sun was out – that we had canceled school, but at the time we made the judgment call, we were in the middle of a very bad storm – no electricity, very dark, and frightened children.”

Amador tells ABC6 now that it’s over, they’ll look back on how things went.  They will decide what, if anything, they’ll change when dealing with power outages in the future.

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