By Stacy Baker

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When the heat is on, makeup slides off -- not a cool look!

To keep from looking freak-show-worthy, I tend to opt for minimalistic looks (read: nearly bare) and play up lips and eyes rather than cheeks.

And in lieu of heavyweight foundations, I'll switch to the sheer, feather-light formulas that are oil-free, or use just a touch of tinted moisturizer. Way less is way more.

Some of my go-to picks for budge-proof eyes and lips:

1. Lip and eye pencils.

Try one with a pop of color to line your eyes and brighten your look (e.g., shimmery purples and blues). Or, opt for shades of coral and pink that double on lips and lids.

2. Thickening mascaras.

A big wand helps deliver the right dose of formula to each lash so your eyes are enhanced -- without making your makeup look heavy-handed.

3. Shimmer palette.

If you can't imagine a day without lid coverage, shoot for pearlescent shades that make eyes pop, but keep your look light and airy. Also consider using an iridescent primer instead that doubles as shadow and doesn't budge.

4. Waterproof concealer.

As much as I'd love to have flawless skin, my DNA has other ideas. To fake perfection, I stash a stay-put lightweight formula that masks dark circles (and, ahem, the occasional blemish) without drawing attention to them.


Stacy Baker
 has written for InStyle, SHAPE, Fitness, SELF and Prevention. She was previously Sephora's editorial director and the executive editor of Life & Style Weekly. Baker collaborated with author Tosca Reno to write Your Best Body Now. 

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