By: Rhonda Correll  of Swansea, Ma

Didn't see that coming!  I would never have guessed that Helio and Drew would be voted off so quickly.  So disappointed as Helio was one of my favorites.  I truly thought it would've been Kirstie and Bristol as they both lack the skills the other stars have, even though they are giving it their best.  I am still amazed.

Tonight's show definitely had some surprises.  Love how each team had to pick new dance routines for the each other.  Looking forward to see how it works out strategically.  I am a bit afraid for the stars who might be dancing to something completely outside their comfort zone especially with Paula Abdul as a guest judge. I am sure they will all give it their best as they do every week.  

I enjoyed Karmin's performance tonight.  She is so talented.  It is amazing how she was discovered on YouTube.  I also loved the performance by Frankie Moreno.  What an unbelievably talented pianist.  Lacey and Kyle and the DWTS troupe performed a wonderful routine while he played.  

Best of luck to Joshua Johnson, the AT&T Spotlight Performance.  What an amazing young man he is.  He is trying so hard to pay his way through college and has been using his amazing tap dancing skills along with many jobs as a way to raise money to pay for it.  Good for him.  I am hoping with his performance tonight, maybe Juliard would be interested and give him a scholarship!  He is a great inspiration to many.

Make sure to vote next week for your favorite team.  As you can see, anyone can go home.  The ranking on the leader board doesn't matter.  Teams need YOUR votes. There are so many ways to vote, go to the link under the picture for all the details.

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