First off, UGH!  I missed the first 15 minutes of the show due to a breaking news story of a 4.6 earthquake that happened 3 hours away from my house in Portland, ME. Weird thing was my son and I felt it all the way in Swansea.  Thankfully no reports of any injuries, but even still, 15 minutes of missing DWTS was too much for any breaking news!

Tonight's results show was not quite as shocking as last week.  Even though it was not a surprise, unfortunately Bristol and Mark were sent home.  I know she was not the best but I truly enjoyed watching her get better and better every week.  She truly blossomed this season and it was sad to see her go.  

Loved the Macy's Stars of Dance performance by Christina Grimmie on the piano singing "Titanim" accompanied by the League of Extraordinary Dancers.  Both were excellent.  

Donny Osmond and Susan Boyle's duet of 'This is the Moment' was different.  Donny was awesome and very comfortable but Susan seemed completely terrified and didn't use her voice as well as she has in the past.  Tristan and Kim's dance to the song was mesmerizing.  

Very much enjoyed watching the stars and pros feeling a little anxious about the order in which they would be picked for the team dance next week.  No one wanted to be "the last kid picked in gym".  It showed their "non famous side" if you will.  Guess we all struggle with the same things, famous or not.

The teams were chosen by the leaders from last nights show and is as follows:  

Team 1:  Gilles/Peta, Kelly/Val, Kirstie/Maks, Emmitt/Cheryl.  They will be dancing to Gangam Style.  They were very excited.  It will be high energy for sure and I think the team will do great.  Just hope Kirstie can keep up with everyone.  

Team 2: Shawn/Derek, Sabrina/Louie, Melissa/Tony and Apolo/Karina.  They will be dancing to Call Me Maybe.  They didn't seem too thrilled with the choice but I am sure Derek will come up with some awesome choreography and story telling to such a 'cute' song. 

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Wishing all the teams the best of luck and health this week learning their dances.  Looking forward, as always, to Monday.

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