By: Alexandra Cowley


A Westport Massachusetts mom is crediting her adopted dog with saving her family's life. The 13-year-old chocolate lab was adopted after appearing on ABC 6's "Pick of the Litter."

Since "Chip" was featured on Pick of the Litter, he's found a new home, starred in a catalog, and now his new family says he saved their lives.

"I was really grateful, because we wouldn't have had a dog, we would have had no way of knowing that the gas was coming out,"explained Corry Barboza.

Barboza never questioned adopting 13-year-old Chip. She says his age didn't matter, it was love at first sight. Now, she believes it was fate. After Chip forced her out of bed early one weekend Morning alerting her to danger.

"He's off the bed, he's on the bed, he's doing circles, so I said alright buddy I'm up," laughed Barboza.

Barboza eventually got dressed to take Chip out. Not expecting what happened next. When she opened her bedroom door, the smell of gas hit her in the face. She ran to the stove and realized it was on. Barboza yelled for her kids to go outside and ran around the house opening all windows and doors.

"I mean the whole house was just filled," she explained.

When Barboza got around to finally taking Chip outside, he didn't have to go.

The thought of what could have happened, had Chip not been so persistent, gives Barboza the chills. But his heroic actions are affirmation for Barboza, that age is just a number, and Chip is wise in his old age.

"I'm glad that we have him, and I know now that my husband is pretty glad that we have him too," she laughed.