By Dana Griffin

PROVIDENCE, RI- It's retaliation at its worst. Firing a gun to make a statement is not only causing harm, its making residents feel uneasy outside of their homes.

Since Friday, there have been three shootings in Providence. Norm Maher has lived near Curtis St. for years. He says he hates the way people choose to settle a dispute.

"It just blows me away," said Maher.

Around 10 Saturday night, four people were shot outside a family party on Curtis Street. Police say one person was shot in the head, another in the back. Maria Flores lives next door to where that shooting occurred.

Flores said, "It's scary because those things never happen and we live here for 18 years and we are upset."

Early Saturday morning, a possible "gang–related" shooting claimed the life of 20–year–old, José Sanchez.

A Puerto Rican flag, candles, and flowers now line the side walk where he was fatally shot. Less than a mile away from the Sanchez memorial, a 16–year–old boy was shot in the leg.

With a weekend full of violence, residents hope that a reminder of recent tragedies will put an end to gun violence.

Maher said, "C'mon! A 12 year–old girl, the 21 kids in Sandy Hook...C'mon, what's wrong with the world?"

Police are looking for a black Nissan Maxima in connection with the shooting that injured the four party goers. So far, no arrests have been made in any of the three shootings.

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