by ABC6 News Reporter Mark Curtis 

No one answered when we knocked on the door of a halfway house, where paroled thrill killer Alfred Brissette, Jr., now lives.

The home is on Pemberton Street, not far from the busy intersection of Academy and Chalkstone.

Many people were shocked to find the murderer was their new neighbor.

"Why should be have been released. I don't understand why he was released in the first place. I don't understand why they have a law that says it's okay, for him to go free," said one woman.

Q: Are you concerned he might kill again?

"Yes, absolutely. Yes!" she said.

Neighbors asked that we not use their names.

But they did note their concerns about the large number of children right near Brissette's halfway house.

ABC6 Chief Political Reporter Mark Curtis said, "From the neighborhood where Alfred Brissette now lives, you can see the dome of the Rhode Island State House. But unless he breaks the law again, there's nothing anyone can do, to keep him from living here."

We did find at least one neighbor, who thinks Brissette deserves a second chance.

"Well if society and the judicial system feels that you know, that he should be released into society, that' their call. And as long as he obeys by his parole officer, and what he needs to do, I think maybe give him a chance."

But others worry the "thrill killer" is not rehabilitated.

"Well you never know. He might want top get his thrills and start killing again." So I am concerned about that," said one neighbor.

Brissette was released from prison Tuesday morning, serving just 13 years of a 35 year sentence.

Providence Police are keeping an eye on the neighborhood where he now lives.