By News Staff

The six candidates hoping to become Providence's next mayor met for the first of a series of forums Wednesday night.

The forum was hosted by the Providence Community Library and League of Women Voters.

The relatively calm forum gave people a chance to meet the candidates and hear their messages.  The main talking points focused on the economy, jobs and improving schools.

"My focus will be making sure we have world class schools, that we have a strong economy and that we have safe and vibrant neighborhoods," said candidate Jorge Elorza.

"First step is build an economy and have that link to improvement in schools, in city hall and everything else that is important to the community," said candidate Lorne Adrain.

"I've been focused from day one on economic development and creating jobs.  There is nothing left to tax and very little left to cut in the city," said candidate Brett Smiley.

The lone republican in the race is eyeing pensions for savings.

"I think that's gonna mean opening up conversations with our union regarding reworking the pensions again," said candidate Daniel Harrop.

City Council President Michael Solomon is focusing on his record and experience.

"I think we have the experience to move this city forward.  We've proven that we could operate in a crisis, solve the fiscal problem that we had in the past," said candidate Michael Solomon.

"I am the only candidate that will tax Brown University.  I am the only candidate that will improve schools, these plans these other candidates are bringing forward will not come about," said candidate Chris Young.

Two more forums are set for the next few months.

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