by ABC6 Chief Political Reporter Mark Curtis 


Standing above a cheering crowd at his birthday party, former Mayor Buddy Cianci, sounded very much like a candidate.

The big headline – Cianci, who is being treated for cancer, has been given medical clearance to launch a political campaign if he wishes.

"I had CAT Scans the other day and the doctors said we are really making great progress, and they have no qualms. In fact I got their permission to run, if I wanted to," said Cianci – who now works as a Political Analyst for ABC6 News.

Also at the party, former Mayor Joe Paolino, who will back Cianci if he runs.

ABC6 Chief Political Reporter mark Curtis said, "One challenge Buddy Cianci faces is with young voters. Many of these
Rhode Island College
students have perhaps little, or no, recollection of his time in office."

"They know of him as a radio personality and most of them don't listen to radio. So it's not the familiarity he once had," said RIC Political Communication Professor Kay Israel.

But students who don't know of him, say they'll be open minded.

"If I look at what he stands for and everything, I would definitely consider it," Ashley Duffy, a college student.

And despite his baggage of twice being forced from office - including a prison term - Cianci still enjoys enormous popularity in some parts of the city.

"The race will probably draw national attention, because he's there. So I think when the spotlight is on Buddy and his ability to perform retail politics, I think he's got a real shot," said RIC Political Communication Professor Valerie Endress

"I'd be not telling you the truth if I told you I wasn't thinking about it, of course I am," said Cianci in an ABC6 interview.

"How do you feel? Do you think we can make a difference?” said Cianci to cheers at his 73
birthday party.

Cianci will have to make his decision to run or not, by late June.