By Dana Griffin


ROHOBOTH, MA-12–year–old, Wes Brown and his friend were out by the pool playing catch Monday night when a furry animal, believed to be a fox came out of the woods and took hold of his leg.

"Went over here because it was still on my leg; I slammed the door on it twice on its head and it finally went away and then it started looking back so my mom threw a hammer at it," said Brown.

Mother, Steph Brown said, “So I picked the biggest hammer first because it was the closest and I threw that at him and then I threw one more at him and just yelled.”

During the attack, the animal also bit through Wes' nail. It may have attacked because it has rabies, or be female– protecting its young.

Rehoboth Animal control officer, Jane Foster said, “Could have cut him up pretty bad. They're not a nice animal- they're very ferocious just like a badger."

Foster set up a trap at the home in case it comes back. If it's found to have rabies, it will be euthanized.

Other people were outside during the attack, including a 5 and a 9-year-old playing near the pool.

"When you see the teeth on those things and the mouth and the jaw, it's pretty scary; and their temperament. So, more relieved that nothing happened you know," said father, Eric Brown.

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